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Web Data Ventures provides a blend of business consulting and information technology to a wide range of industries -- all united by the quest to sustain performance improvement. The distinctive synergy of Web Data Venture's business expertise and technical ability is focused toward building and applying knowledge to create practical, quantifiable improvements that manifest at all levels of a company's endeavor.

With industrial operations clients in the U.S. and around the world, Web Data Ventures is accomplished in capital-asset and information-asset consultation that is result-driven. We are proven supply-chain practitioners who understand changing eCommerce and standards-development realities firsthand and know how to build solutions that work in the real world.


Global competition and regulatory change are creating radical new operating environments for companies of all types and sizes, both in the U.S. and abroad. The complexity and speed of the these market changes demand that companies streamline operations and reduce costs, but at the same time, sustain performance to remain competitive. The efficiencies of staff reduction and outsourcing stand toe-to-toe with quality-based initiatives such as TQM, TPM, and ISO 9000/14000. To meet these challenges, the ability to gather information locally, regionally, and globally -- and the technology to communicate it -- is critical for sustaining performance and competitiveness.


Sustained performance improvement is a process founded on a company's ability to build and apply knowledge in a complex and evolving world. This knowledge is derived from shop-floor realities and boardroom strategies, market challenges and regulatory constraints. The bedrock of this knowledge is data. But data is useless without the alchemy that transforms it into meaningful information. Web Data Venture's blend of business and technology expertise forges the creative chemistry that enables imagination, sparks new ideas, and fashions practical solutions to client problems.


Web Data Ventures has applied its fusion of business consultancy and IT facility to solving data-management and performance problems in industries as diverse as power generation, chemical production, and financial services in countries around the world. Representative projects include evaluating progress and strategy on a multicompany data clean-up/standardization project in Saudi Arabia, improving capital asset management for gas and oil production in Viet Nam, and creating a standardized product catalog for a consortium of 18 international petroleum and petrochemical companies

The common links in all these projects are Web Data Venture's knowledge and implementation of global standards and its ability to identify, capture, and maintain significant industry data. Using global standards, web-based tools, and master-data management concepts, Web Data Ventures helps customers formulate data into patterns that pinpoint shortcomings and lead to problem resolution.

Two recent projects illustrate how Web Data Venture's data management tools and standards expertise benefit business organizations.

  • American Petroleum Institute/Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (API-PIDX)-- Web Data Ventures created and manages CatMaster IITM, a web-based management tool for developing and maintaining the global dictionary of standard product and services used by the energy and chemical industries around the world. 

  • Dun & Bradstreet and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) -- These two organizations commissioned Web Data Ventures to perform an architectural review of the United Nations Standard Product & Service Classification (UNSPSC), a global classification framework for goods and services.  In 2003, the Uniform Code Council (now GS1) was asked to manage the UNSPSC on behalf of the UNDP and contracted Web Data Ventures to provide the tools (CatMaster II) and consulting expertise for managing the UNSPSC, a relationship that continues to the present.


Richard P. Hyland, PhD, senior consultant and President of Web Data Ventures, is a recognized authority in the areas of eCommerce; data content, standardization, and management; and capital-asset and supply-chain management. Dr. Hyland specializes in the evaluation and improvement of maintenance, materials, and procurement management programs -- including related IT systems and tools -- and the development of effective capital-asset and supply-chain management strategies. He has led consulting projects with multinational, multiplant companies in the petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas, power, steel, and mining industries in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia/Pacific regions. Dr. Hyland holds a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley and has taught at Rice University. His publications include numerous technical articles in journals such as Hydrocarbon Processing, AIPE Facilities, Plant, Computers and Industrial Engineering, Army Logistician, and he has published a book. He has presented papers at APICS, the International Maintenance Institute, the annual Dupont Predictive Maintenance User's Conference, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Gas Processors Association, American Institute of Plant Engineers (AIPE), Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), and at other professional meetings and in-house seminars. Internationally, he has led workshops in the Asia-Pacific Region and throughout Latin America. He serves as advisor for eCommerce code development (UNSPSC) to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  Dr. Hyland is fluent in Spanish.

Parmita Derden, MBA
Parmita Derden is a senior consultant for Web Data Ventures. Ms. Derden is a recognized specialist in project management for software development and implementation projects carried out for industrial and service sector corporate customers in the petroleum, petrochemical, financial, and service sectors. For the past 11 years, she has worked with Fortune 500 companies selecting/designing, installing, and implementing manufacturing control, capital asset and work management, inventory control, and procurement systems. These projects span legacy, client-server, and Internet-based applications. Her project approach and IT philosophy are very much end-user focused. As an IT project manager, she establishes and maintains close relations with a wide variety of client users. Ms. Derden specializes in reconciling end-user expectations, system design constraints, and programming results on a continuous basis to ensure timely completion of multimillion dollar projects. She is equally comfortable discussing shop floor realities with maintenance technicians, reporting project status to executive management, or resolving design misunderstandings with system programmers. She has coordinated user training, help-desk support, and technical assistance over the course of each IT project she has managed. In recent years, she has assisted one large chemical-industry client in understanding, negotiating, and setting up an IT outsourcing agreement. She worked with another company to launch a new, leading-edge Internet-based banking application. She assisted still another in the development of an electronic commerce-oriented application. She is currently managing a large, multimodule, multilocation system development project for a major U.S. company in the services industry.

Ms. Derden holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin.


In addition to business consultation and custom software development, Web Data Ventures created and supports a multimodule data management software application called CatMaster II.

CatMaster II

CatMaster II is an Internet-based master data management system that collects, reconciles, and standardizes data on a stand-alone basis or as a front-end to ERP systems, such as SAP R/3. CatMaster II uses industry and international standards to reduce SAP R/3 implementation time, improve data quality, and provide a powerful capability for standardizing and cross-mapping equipment asset identifications, materials item descriptions, supplier, customer, and other master data. CatMaster II is capable of managing multiple standard commodity dictionaries, catalogs, and classification schema such as the United Nations Standard Product and Service Classification (UNSPSC).

CatMaster II is also the foundation for portals into the emerging electronic marketplace, such as Trade Ranger Energy and Petrochemical Exchange. Trade Ranger, a Web Data Ventures client, is a $125 billion global exchange formed in 2000 by Royal Dutch Shell and 17 other global energy companies to maximize purchasing efficiency. Full details on CatMaster II are in the linked brochure.


Web Data Ventures provides business consulting based on a practical, data-driven inductive approach. Our consulting process develops solutions from client-derived knowledge, not from plugging in business theories or from predetermined procedures imposed as business solutions.

Web Data Ventures recognizes that performance improvement is a process, not a destination. Therefore, our business and information management solutions integrate past experience with current requirements to develop processes and standards that will assure sustainable high-quality results in the future.

Web Data Ventures offers consultancy services in the following areas:

eCommerce and Supply Chain Management

Web Data Ventures utilizes a suite of proven diagnostic services and software tools that increase our clients' competitiveness by improving their management of the supply-chain process. This comprehensive consultancy addresses the full scope of supply-chain issues from product specification and requisition to procurement, storage, and distribution for local facilities and regional and international supply-chain operations.

Recent and ongoing Web Data Ventures supply-chain projects include developing an industrywide dictionary of 3,700 standard item descriptions for an Internet-based global marketsite; devising a supply-chain management strategy for an international energy company; and conducting the audit of a project to collect, cleanse, and standardize materials data for a multiplant manufacturing company in the Middle East.

Equipment Asset and Work Management

Web Data Ventures works with clients in equipment asset-intensive industries to improve the productivity of equipment and work processes that drive these companies' market competitiveness. Much of the success achieved by these clients results from new tools and techniques derived from standardized naming and coding techniques that are customized for individual clients from proprietary tools and procedures developed by Web Data Ventures. Capital asset and work management consulting services include:

  • Baseline studies and performance benchmarking
  • Goal-setting workshops to determine the direction and scope of improvement projects
  • Project planning and support.

Recent asset/work management clients include energy and manufacturing companies in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru; power generation companies in Wisconsin and Texas; and steel manufacturing firms in Brazil and Mexico.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP/CMMS) System Implementation Consulting

Web Data Venture's package of analytical tools and consulting services enhance the power of ERP technology by improving the quality, availability, and timeliness of data, which in turn increases the effective application of that data by end-users.

Recent ERP projects by Web Data Ventures include designing and installing master-data management and



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